Day 14  -  Day 28

(ovulation to menstruation)




Consume 2 TBSP daily during this phase of your cycle. Seeds are organic and ground the day of shipment to help maintain maximal freshness.


SESAME SEEDS -- High in omega-6’s (which the body converts into GLA or gamma-linolenic acid) needed in supporting progesterone levels and reducing PMS related inflammation and high in selenium which supports liver function assisting with proper detoxification and hormone excretion.

​SUNFLOWER SEEDS -- High in vitamin E which supports progesterone production as well as contains folate and B12 which help to form hemoglobin in red blood cells. High in selenium which helps detox the liver of excess estrogen.


Ground seeds are easier for the system to digest and speeds up the nutrient absorption rate. 


For more information on the practice of seed cycling or to learn more about the phases of your menstrual cycle, please visit the Seed Cycling page. 

Luteal Phase Blend

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