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  • What is Seed Cycling?
    Seed cycling is a gentle way of supporting your hormones using various seeds throughout different phases of your menstrual cycle. This holistic approach utilizes the nutrients naturally existing in specific seeds to tenderly assist the female reproductive and endocrine system in healing imbalances. Ground flax seeds and pumpkin seeds are consumed during the Follicular phase of your cycle and ground sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are consumed during the Luteal phase of your cycle. For a full breakdown of this process, please visit
  • Is Seed Cycling safe?
    This alternative medicine practice often recommended by nutritionists, endocrinologists, homeopathic practitioners and naturopathic practitioners for various reasons including cycle regulation, balancing hormones, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and in some cases for those who menstruate and suffer from Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS and fertility issues. Additionally, our seeds are freshly ground the day of shipment to help maintain maximal freshness. *Always work with a qualified healthcare practitioner before beginning any supplementation, especially if pregnant.
  • Can I Seed Cycle during or post menopause?
    Yes, many women have reported a decrease in their menopause symptoms when using seed cycling regularly. *Always work with a qualified healthcare practitioner before beginning any supplementation, especially if pregnant.
  • Can I Seed Cycle while taking birth control?
    The short answer is yes. However, because the hormonal birth control prevents pregnancy by stopping ovulation, seed cycling will not help you balance your hormones while on birth control. Seed cycling can still support its effects and provide benefits for the numerous systems in the body. It is also a great tool to impement when coming off birth control to help your body regulate its cycles and naturally support hormone production.
  • What if my period is irregular or missing?
    Start by following cycles of the moon as a guide -- this is known as Lunaconception or BioRhythmic Lunar Charting. Because our bodies naturally want to sync with the phases of the moon (i.e. bleeding on the new moon, ovulation on the full moon or vice versa), use this as a guide if you struggle with regularity or amenorrhea (when menstruation is absent during reproductive years). Days 1-14 (new moon to full moon) = Follicular Blend (pumpkin seeds and flax seeds). Days 15-28 (full moon to new moon) = Luteal Blend (sunflower seeds and sesame seeds).
  • Can I seed cycle if I'm pregnant?
    Though seeds in your diet can still be highly supportive, please consult with your healthcare practitioner before consuming.
  • How long before I see results?
    It can take at least three months of daily use to start noticing benefits. We can honor our bodies by giving them time to adjust to new practices. To help you identify the shifts and changes from seed cycling, track your cycle and symptoms and/or keep a journal.
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