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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

I am filled with gratitude that you found your way here. This is a blog filled with all things seed cycling, hormone health, menstrual cycles and coming into embodiment with the divine feminine. ​ In the event you were curious, here is a little bit about me and the creation of this blog.

​ I currently reside just outside the city of Chicago, IL. I created this blog with the intentions of sharing my passion for holistic wellness through delicious plant-based recipes, tips and tricks on living a more conscious, meaningful life, and through offering digestible information that can help spark up some much needed conversations.

I believe that when we become more cognizant of ourselves, this translates directly into profound self-reflections and recognitions. Through these deductions, we are able to authentically see where changes are needed in our lives; perhaps through diet, work load, choice of friends, over-stimulation, and or all around lifestyle. As a holistic health coach, I incorporate all of these pillars which make us up, along with a handful of other foundational pieces in the process of goal-setting, meal plan creation and getting to the root cause of stressors and blocks that hold us back from living our most authentic, flourishing life. Additionally, clients and I collaboratively create action plans which take place across all aspects of their lives, which in turn assists them in achieving a higher standard of overall wellness. ​ As a collective, I not only feel that we need a better relationship with ourselves, which transcends in how we show up in the world around us, but also a better relationship with food. Practicing a more mindful rapport with food can start with the simple acknowledgement of our inexorable connection to Mother Nature. Maybe we can rekindle this together. ​ When we continue the absentmindedness of this innate joining with earth, it can be easy to steer away from including her yields and nutrients into our everyday life.  ​ Over the past couple years, since my “awakening” process began, I had to release and relearn the basic concepts that society had imposed on me for almost a quarter of a century. In this journey to find absolute truth, I uncovered deeply embedded deceptiveness in world around me; corruption within the food industries, greedy tactics put forth by big Pharma, and realizing the unconscious control which most of us are affected by. ​ I express these findings within my journey because I wish more transparency existed. I also hope this gives you a deeper perspective of my mindset in my approach to obtain wellness from a naturally derived, holistic standpoint. ​ As a wellness blog, I wish to encompass an array of amazing (easy to prepare) organic foods, give recommendations on green beauty, offer solutions and products for a non-toxic home, and provide a new age perspective on an abundance of relative topics. ​ This blog offers a piece of peace alongside ethical and sustainable lifestyle options. ​ My hope is for this blog to invoke some form of meaning that resonates with you. Possibly in the form of responsibility; for our minds, bodies, and souls, as well as the environment, the animals we share this planet with, and the greater good. ​ ​ I am so appreciative of your time, space, and open-mindedness. Warm hugs, ​ Alex

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