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A story of freshness

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Meet Alex

Hello, there! My name is Alex Petrowski and welcome to my little hormone-helping corner.


I stumbled upon the practice of seed cycling after years of combating hormonal imbalances. Whether the lack of hormone harmony came in the form of severe Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) or encountering amenorrhea (or missing a period for more than 3 cycles consecutively), I grew desperate for answers. I wanted to help my body heal holistically and naturally rather than take yet another pill to mask the symptoms of a larger issue. 

Throughout this healing process, a number of my “truths” were challenged; it turns out the contraceptive pill was not helping my PMS symptoms as my doctor claimed. In turn, the pill (and getting off the pill) ended up wrecking havoc on my overall system, in many folds. 


I had also grown so immune to issues surrounding my reproductive system and menstruation that I unconsciously normalized the growing list of symptoms, physical pains, and cycle irregularities. I was taught that pains associated with my period were to be expected, that every woman suffers from them, and all I had to do was pop a Midol and it would all magically dissipate.

Little did I know, for the majority of my time since entering womanhood, the pains, discomforts and setbacks related to my cycle were not normal, society just said it was. 

After ping-ponging back and forth on the spectrum of having an absent period to an intense, pain-riddled bleed and back again, I grew exhausted by the wonder of what the next month would bring. I felt an immense amount of frustration with the lack of information put forth by western medicine and our educational system but still held space for a deep desire to learn about the intrinsic workings of the feminine system. This colorful culmination is what led me to the beautiful practice of seed cycling. I took back my personal power and began educating myself about my own body; about how every single one of our systems work synergistically and how to best support my reproductive system in order to welcome healthy menstrual cycles. 


This journey is what ultimately led to the creation of Replenished Roots; I envisioned a sacred space where women and those who menstruate, could come to learn, grow, connect and develop relationships not only with others, but more importantly, with themselves. The Seed Cycling Blend was organically woven into these plans after months of trying out the practice for myself and actually seeing (and feeling) results. Being elated with the sustainable and effective results while simultaneously feeling a strong, rooted connection with Nature, I knew I needed to share this with the menstruating community. 


And with that, welcome! This hormonal health hub will give you the tools and practices to help you come back into sync; with nature, with the moon, and most importantly, with yourself. 


Replenish your roots.

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